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The authors thank Ms. Lillian Richards for both general and secretarial support, Drs. Gerald Baum, Irving Zucker, and Irwin Ziment for their useful discussions. (The recipe for Dr. Ziment’s chicken soup, a formula developed from Ms. Yda Ziment, which he finds of great value in vivo, is available elsewhere.40 It was not tested as a comparator here, there being a limit to tests to which Grandma’s soup recipe should be subject.) We also thank Mrs. Doris Oglander for consultations regarding Grandma’s soup recipe and Rachael, Emily, Sarah, Hannah, David, Rebecca, Naomi, and Dena Rennard for assistance in quality control.
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      Abbreviations: fMLP = fMet-Leu-Phe; HBSS = Hank’s balanced salt solution; ZAS = zymosan-activated serum
          o Received November 17, 1998.
          o Accepted April 3, 2000.

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